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Drip Feed Your Muscles

Gaining muscles doesn’t start during an intense gym session, but, in the recovery. Welcome Raw Gear Casein, the ultimate in slow releasing protein. All those workouts, all those trials, all those training sessions...all that stress which your body must recover from to come back bigger, stronger, more aggressive and more ready to beat your personal bests! Your body needs effective night time nutrition. Raw Gear Casein has been designed to fill that need. Raw Gear Casein is formulated from a serious load of calcium casein and whey isolate. Casein is very slow to digest, ensuring a constant flow of amino acids drip feed your hard working muscles. This eliminates a catabolic environment and boosts an anabolic environment. Casein is simple, low in carbs and low in fat and a must for any hardcore athlete wanting to optimise muscle repair and gain huge results. Raw Gear Casein, packing a muscle building protein punch with zero artificial colours or flavours.

When to use

Raw Gear Casein should be consumed as the last meal of the day.

slow release
  • Slow Release High Protein Blend
  • Night Time Nutrition
  • Anabolic Environment
  • L-Glutamine
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • 1.1kg Weight
  • 31 Servings per Container

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